Unseen Enemies, Mexican Betrayal, Tokyo Search, Japan Capture and The Secrets Man

The 4 novellas—Unseen Enemies, Mexican Betrayal, Tokyo Search and Japan Capture—and the novel, The Secrets Man, that they comprise are all now published as ebooks on Amazon. Take a look for thrilling adventures, exotic settings and characters responding to stresses most of us would want to avoid at all costs.

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American Chase and Mexican Betrayal to become available

The two novellas, American Chase and Mexican Betrayal, which serve as Parts 1 and 2 of The Secrets Man novel, are expected to go live on the Amazon store in the new few days.  I hope you enjoy them and I look for your comments.

The remaining two novellas, Tokyo Search and Satsuma Discovery, are expected to be available within a week on two.

Reactions to getting covered

Here is the first of 4 variations on The Secrets Man cover, which will grace the novellas that make up this thriller. I’d welcome your impressions.  Thanks.

Novella Cover

AMERICAN CHASE – Novella Cover


Debut Fiction – The Secrets Man

Pleased to announce that the first parts of The Secrets Man are about to be released as novellas. This will give readers who aren’t familiar with my work a chance to sample my take on weaving thrilling scenes with international intrigue and suspense. A mystery is introduced in the first of these four novellas. They’ll all be available soon.

Here’s hoping you get a chance to enjoy and comment on what you find in them.

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After international delay, THREE SURVIVORS now on sale on Amazon

Finally, the adventure memoir, THREE SURVIVORS, is up for sale on Amazon.com. You can look inside the book and buy it here.

For the full story of what delayed its availability on the international front along with perhaps hundreds or more others, check this article and notice the comments that follow it: KDP Books Unavailable To International Readers.

First news of a storm

Excerpted from THREE SURVIVORS:

Later in the growing heat of morning I heard words that chilled me. A fragment of an English weather report jumped out of the static and whining whistles. The man’s voice was authoritative, one of those trained speakers who suggest emotions as they talk. This voice smiled, “Good news, Floridians. The storm is moving out to sea.”

Storm? True, at any given moment two thousand storms rage at sea, but what storm had developed and where on the long Florida coastline had it been threatening? Probably south Florida, I thought, but given our location, the broadcast could also be from halfway up the coast. Where was the storm now? And, moving out to sea? Which sea? I bent my head close to the speaker in the manner of Luis the radio operator on Cozumel. I was ready to fix place names in my mind, to commit to memory coordinates and times. But what came next was sports news about a football training camp, and racing, and then the signal was gone.

First sight of dolphins in the Caribbean

Excerpted from THREE SURVIVORS:

And there they were, taut gray bodies advancing and retreating either side of the very edge of the bow, half obscured by the wave being cut. A mass of bodies swam over each other under the surface, riding with us. Over the sound of the water I heard their high-spirited squeals and squeaks.

THREE SURVIVORS approaching publication

Good news for all who’ve been waiting. THREE SURVIVORS has passed through the editing stages and with a few tweaks to the file will soon be ready for uploading to Amazon as an ebook.

We’re still looking at an October publication date and I also expect to have some Reader Extras on the website soon.

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still testing reader extras

THREE SURVIVORS – 400 miles of tropical paradise and hurricane hell

A true story of two men and a woman out of their depth on a violent sea

THREE SURVIVORS is the gripping account of a footloose traveler 3,000 overland miles from home who finds passage on a small sailboat with strangers. But what begins as an easy four-day trip turns into a terrifying fight for survival.

Landlubber Joseph JK boards the 50 year old wooden vessel, and accepts an offer of transport in exchange to help crew. The planned voyage will cross 400 miles of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico with the boat’s perky owner, Shasta, and her affable boyfriend-captain, Doug.

Departing in clear weather in an apparently shipshape boat, the author will not discover until later that he’s overlooked serious warnings about this apparently easy-going couple. By then the three of them are far out on open water where the heat and rhythm of the sea, the fresh lobster and fish, frolicking dolphins and the naked flirtations of Shasta lull him into a sense of well-being. Only when a small dark patch appears on the horizon do they all sense trouble ahead.

What unfolds involves a secret cargo, a killer storm, a sinking sailboat and attempts by a Norwegian freighter captain, an inexperienced Coast Guard skipper and a massive Navy warship to try and rescue them.

This real world story of turbulence among people and the sea unfolds with surprising twists and turns all the way to the final page.

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Tense, suspenseful.

Totally infuriating!!!

Exciting and clever.

The emotions are touching and real.

I feel I’m there with the noises and pitching and anxiety.

Wow, great ending! Magical.

Also by Joseph JK

THE SECRETS MAN – An international thriller

The Secrets Man
A novel

A second chance turns into a nightmare chase. Nowhere is safe and everyone is a threat.

Disgraced investigative journalist Hack climbed down from his suicide perch on the Golden Gate Bridge only to have old colleagues pull him into a baffling and dangerous case with global reach.

Badly wounded, he is forced into an international cat and mouse pursuit, struggling to stay one step ahead of a mysterious chain of killers and government agents.

The Secrets Man delivers surprises at every turn as Hack races through exotic cities and remote backwaters. Rallying his greatest strengths, he rushes to decipher, uncover and confront before time runs out for himself and those counting on him.

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Action-filled, super-exciting and clever.

Tense, suspenseful.

So funny.

Really creepy-cool!

Beautiful insight. Atmospheric.

Suddenly we’re back in a very dangerous world.

Wow! I had no idea!

Ooooh, wicked.

OMG! I wasn’t expecting that!

Great plotting, great suspense, high stakes.

Ratcheting up tons of tension

Terrifying page turner

Immediate and intriguing

Also by Joseph JK

THREE SURVIVORS – A true story of treacherous shipmates on a violent sea