The Author

In pursuit of stories Joseph JK has ventured through wild, remote locales such as the Arctic Circle, the Andes of South America and the jungles of Asia, as well as through major cities across East Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Antipodes. Along the way he’s weathered armed kidnapping, war zone arrest and interrogation, tropical diseases, encounters with sharks, moray eels, barracuda, vipers and poisonous sea snakes, and a killer hurricane aboard a crippled sailboat with a pair of romantic smugglers, recounted in the adventure memoir, Three Survivors.

Trained originally as a scientist, he worked his way through college as a wilderness surveyor then found work as writer during a recession, took up more training as a journalist and turned to writing freelance magazine articles and guidebooks. He also worked as writer and editor for technology and multinational trading companies as well as research groups before turning his pen to novels.

He has taught at universities in the US and Japan and his books have been published in three languages. His international crime thrillers often feature global hot spots and backwaters he knows well.


The Books

His personal hair-raising experiences as survivor on a crippled sailboat in a killer hurricane with a pair of romantic smugglers are described in the gripping memoir, Three Survivors (available here).

His debut novel is a fast-paced international thriller. The Secrets Man follows disgraced, bomb-injured journalist Hack from San Francisco as he struggles to save a missing girl and elude a deadly manhunt through post-tsunami Japan, cartel-terrorized Central America and a ruthless global surveillance network.